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5' x 10'

50 Square Feet will hold a mid-size bedroom that might include a queen-size bed, dresser, T.V., and several small the medium boxes. 

10' x 10'

100 Square feet

This size is ideal for storing 1 living room,  2 bedrooms, and several small to medium boxes. 

10' x 15'

150 Square Feet

This space is a little smaller than a one-car garage and ideal for storing the contents of 3 bedrooms or storing large items like televisions, couches, tables.

10' x 20'

200 Square feet

This size is ideal for a 4 bedroom house including larger appliances like washers, dryers, and refrigerators.  May fit some compact cars and contents of a garage.

10' x 30'

300 Square feet

This storage unit is would similar to a 1 1/2 car garage and would be able to store a 5 bedroom home or a vehicle with room to space.  


Drive up storage
24/7 Video
gate card coded access
Client provided lock for increased personal security

Warehouse Storage

Are you currently running a home business or a small to medium business that needs or running out of warehouse space?

Armour Self Storage has a number of affordable warehouse space solutions available with no large overhead investment. 

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